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I'm an Email Copywriter.

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What I Do

You’ve got the steak, but I’ve got the sizzle

Pay-Per-Click Ad Copy

Grab the attention of cold traffic with the right angles and words, written like a voice inside your audience's head

Email Copywriting

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, Email is King. Build E-Commerce Flows, Newsletters and Deal Blasts to sell Your Products on Your Terms

Email List Management

Writing emails is only half the recipe. The rest is knowing who, when and how to send, and when to slice and dice your list

The Market Sauce: Jonathan Spivey
About me

Who I Am

You know those weird emails you sometimes get? The ones where you can’t tell whether the email inside will give you the greatest deal you’ve ever gotten or a computer-killing virus?

I created The MarketSauce with one goal in mind: to combat the old-school direct response model to help your business build trust with your customers through effective, scam-free copywriting.

Yes, I use puns.

Yes, I use dad jokes.

Yes, I use alliteration, stories and rhymes.

And yes, I use all that to:


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